Friday, February 01, 2008

Learning something new each day

Abigail has nodular episcleritis a severe version of episcleritis (a sudden patch of red blood vessels on the white part of the eye. The nodular version has something that kind of looks like a raised zit in the middle). On Tuesday, her eye looked a little red. By Wednesday I saw the nodule and immediately made a doctor's appointment. I could tell by the doctor's reaction that whatever it was was rare. She also called in the other doctor in the office to take a look (both of these doctors are great) and gave me a rush referral to the eye doctor who agreed to see her today. Even by Israeli standards (which I think are far better than those in the US) I found this to be very efficient.

Starting today, she'll be on steroids & strong antibiotics (all topical), with the hope that by this time next week it will be completely gone. Apparently it has a habit of recurring. And it's associated with a whole bunch of things I've been accused of having (like Lupus, which I honestly believe I don't have. I may have had symptoms, but they miraculously disappeared along with psycho-ex...)

I'll have to pick her up every day in the middle of the day to give her the second dose. This should be fun, because you have to actually put the ointment inside the eye, like rub it on the white part. I bet any almost-3-year-old would love that... Fortunately, other than that she's mostly a pleasure to have around. Maybe G-d has a plan for us to have pre-baby bonding time.


Anonymous said...

That does not sound like a barrel of laughs.

I hope she's nodule free shortly. And that you don't get called something much worse than a hippo in the process...

Sara said...

Poor baby! I'm glad that you got on it quickly, and so did the doctors. I hope she's all better soon.