Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Post #202

I got practically no work done yesterday, which wasn't great, because I still have quite a few things to do (which I plan to start as soon as I finish this post).

UI is squirming around, moving a ton. Last night it was about 90 minutes straight and I was beginning to feel seasick from all the kicks into my stomach...

I'm almost finished with Bridge to Terabithia, which is a children's book (making it something I might actually get through). Most of the book was similar to something I often imagine - about meeting Ohad when we were both children (we're 13 days apart) and sharing that innocent bond of friendship that develops into the purest form of love... It's so easy for me to picture us together as kids and to know that we would have been best friends, because we understand each other so well... I still haven't finished the book, but the ending is going to be very different from how I would have written it...

Last night I talked to Ohad about the ambivalent feelings I have (not about the baby, but about labor). I mean, now that it's fairly close (less than 2 weeks away) there are two sides to it - one is the totally unknown experience of labor - what it will be like, how it will begin, etc. & the other is the excitement of knowing that the baby is about to be born. Although I'm fairly hopeful that I'll get through the labor OK, I wonder what the rush is... Apparently, assuming all is well, there are no advantages to having the baby before 42 weeks, in terms of the baby's health. Maybe it's not too bad an idea to just wait it out.

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