Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Pretty neat kid!

Hadas got the letter telling her she passed the entrance exam to the high school she wants to go to. Next week is the interview and in April they have 3 or 4 days which all of the applicants who've passed the first two stages spend at the school. Ohad & I think that the real barrier was the test... well, that and psycho-ex who said, "I hope things will work out with your mother." (Meaning that he hopes I will succumb to the blackmail and let him out of the child support payments... My lawyer said that a court order can fix all of this. Let's hope he's right.)

Go Hadas!


JewishMama said...

Yey! Mazel tov to you and your daughter.

Bea said...

Hurrah! Hey - that's another thing for that wonderful list of things to be happy about!


Leah Goodman said...

Nice job, Hadas. She's one amazing girl!