Thursday, February 07, 2008

Things I don't get

SaraS-P did one of those 'global tag' things, so I decided to take her up on it. The idea is to list 10 things "I don't get". In no particular order...

I don't get...

Why basic life skills are not taught in school. Why don’t they teach kids how to identify abusive behavior? How to endorse a check? Make good financial choices? How to identify when they or someone around them is in need of professional help?

Why so few studies are performed on medications in lactating women. Would it be so hard to recruit women who had finished breastfeeding their babies, give them medications that are known to be safe (preferably ones that the woman would be taking otherwise anyway) and then have them express breast milk that could be tested to see whether the medication comes through it? This would provide a lot of information about what medications are and aren’t safe – so far there’s just not enough research.

Why having just a few too many things to do makes people more efficient. Or me, at least.

Why we take on more than we know we can do & then practically kill ourselves to meet deadlines. I am getting a little better at not doing this and I’m trying to teach Ohad too.

Why some people think that they represent the entire universe. See Bea’s blog entry about using cloth nappies (as she calls them J). Or maybe in my work I’ve just learned not to think that way…

Why I hate planning meals so much. But I do. I really do, most of the time.

Why some parents can’t let their kids grow up, even when they’re almost 40. (And no, my parents are not guilty of this. They let me move to Israel (from Oklahoma) on my own when I was 16, before the age of cellphones or even phones in the dorms at all.)

Teeth. Are they poorly planned or what? (Speaking of which, I suddenly noticed a big hole in my mouth the other day. My dentist said I was lucky, because it could have gone much closer to the root without my ever having noticed it.)

Bladders. What’s with these self-filling things that you have to repeatedly empty at the most inconvenient times (e.g., the middle of the night)? I have yet to notice a connection between the amount I drink and the number of times I have to get up. (BTW, this is the same when I’m not pregnant.)

People who are not interested in anything. I find these people to be very dull and nearly impossible to make conversation with. Unfortunately, I have met too many of these people in my life.

As a bonus, I also don't get people who wear pants that are cut so low that you can see the crack of their butt. I tag anyone who refuses to wear these :-)


Anonymous said...

I'm always afraid I'm going to come to your blog and realize you gave birth and somehow I didn't know.
This is my new irrational fear.
Especially liked your No. 1. Mine were a little bitchy.

Dr. Grumbles said...

I like that breastfeeding research idea.

And I refuse to wear butt crack revealing pants :)