Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Useful information for UI (Ubar Inbar)

Dear UI,

You know all the noise you hear now? Expect it to get worse… There are quite a few people who are looking forward to meeting you.

Abba (AKA Ohad) – He’s the guy who’s always busy: working, cooking, cleaning-up, giving baths & reading stories to your sisters, shuttling the big kids around, or being silly (yup, he does that too). He’s the one who will sing to you and hold you every chance he gets. He’ll take you for walks and show you things, he’ll notice every little detail about you…

Mommy (the one with the rumbling noises you keep hearing from inside) – I’m the one who will feed you, teach you the names of the birds and the flowers, make sure you’re always dressed nicely and not too warm or cold. I will also make sure to keep you safe from your sweet, but curious sisters. I will look at you remembering what it was like to feel you moving inside me and wonder how it’s possible that you are real… (I’ll also be the one panicking until we find you a name…)

Hadas – She’s the teenager with the glasses & braces who will sometimes be incredibly interested in you and sometimes completely ignore you. As you grow, she will be able to teach you so many things. You’ll also probably want to be really nice to her, since by the time you turn 3 she may already have a driver’s license… She may not live at home next year, so get to know her well during these coming months (I’ll try to peel her away from the computer so you’ll get to see her once in a while.)

Matan – He’s the one who will make silly faces at you and talk to you whenever you need company. He will love holding you and feeding you, but will suddenly have someplace else to go if you need a new diaper. Matan will talk to you in a silly voice not that different from Grover’s and when you smile your first smile; he will be the happiest kid on earth.

Lilach – She’s the medium-sized one who loves babies. She will do anything she can for you, even change your diaper. She’ll be the first to volunteer to feed you (should you actually agree to take a bottle) and she will be like a little mom to you. We may have to remind her sometimes to give you a little space, but she will do everything for you with lots of love and only the best intentions.

Abigail – She’s the one who you’ve been hearing whine for the past few months. She’s been kind of moody lately, maybe because she is curious as to what it will be like to have you around. She is going to be a great friend. She’ll push you in the stroller (even though she can’t see where she’s going), share her toys and crayons with you and sing songs to you so that you can fall asleep at night. She will also be able to answer just about any question you have, no matter what it's about.

Nomi – The smallest of the bunch and the only curly-haired one in our family. Nomi will be incredibly interested in you and, most of the time, she will remember to be very gentle. She will hand you your toys, bring me a diaper for you and try to make you laugh. She will point out what you’re doing at any given moment and will notice every time you’re not in the room, “where is the baby?”.

A lot to keep track of? These are just the people who live in our house… Many more people are waiting to meet you too.

In the meantime, I have a project to finish, so - no rush…



Anonymous said...

That was incredibly sweet and tender.

Leah Goodman said...

I guess we'll leave introductions to the juggling uncle and the Kanga and Baby Roo aunt and cousin for when UI is Baby I.

Kate Walz said...

What a lovely family you have! Good luck figuring out a name!