Monday, March 03, 2008

Keeping busy

Well, it's not as if I could ever run out of things to do...

Hadas checked out a book for me from the library, but it turned out to be a historical romance. History & I don't get along too well, so she suggested that I actually go to the library myself and choose a book... How come I couldn't think of that? So, I went to the library & even chose 2 books that I hope are light enough reading for me when my brain is functioning a bit like a computer with too little RAM.

Before that, I went to the bank, to the supermarket & to the dollar store (which, since the dollar has fallen, has become more like $1.50). I got Abigail and Nomi a furry pink boa and clip-on earrings to play with (Purim, our dress-up holiday, is in 2-1/2 weeks) and a Finding Nemo tablecloth (since Abigail's birthday is next Friday) and notebook paper for the big kids (I'm sure they'll be thrilled). I keep reminding myself that I should enjoy this time when everything is so easy.

At the library, I sent Hadas an SMS telling her to call me before she got on the bus & then I drove to pick her up from school (saving her close to an hour, because the bus has the stupidest-route-ever). It's kind of weird, because she goes to school outside of the city, but it's only about an 8-minute-drive from our house. By bus it's over an hour, but the bus is so cheap (less than 50 cents) that it doesn't make any sense to drive out there.

Maybe tomorrow I will find out when they might actually send me to be induced, though it seems like they don't really like to share that information... I remember this from previous pregnancies in which I was overdue. Is that one of the things they learn in medical school? Keep the overdue woman in suspense???


Anonymous said...

You're on a need-to-know basis. And clearly, they don't think you need to know.

Try a Double Whopper meal from Burger King. It always makes me feel better.

Dr. Grumbles said...

I was certain that I'd check in and you'd HAVE to be delivering by now!

Hoping for the big news soon!

Leah Goodman said...

I thought they'd at least strip your membranes by now. :(
B'shaa tova u'krova!

Anonymous said...

I've been keeping up and like sara I keep expecting each new post to be about the new baby! I certainly wouldn't wait this long to find out if I'm going to be induced, I'd be shouting blue murder by now :)

Hopefully, the next post will be a baby announcement.

Btw, you look really good for someone overdue ;)


Bea said...

Not many 41wk photos out there, no. I love all the books in the background.

As for the suspense, I think it's something doctors learn once they're in practice - don't commit to anything too hard unless you're really sure, because too many patients don't understand that biology is unpredictable and they get upset when you "change your mind" because you "don't know what you're doing".

So you always hear, at most, "maybe Friday" with a long speech about how it might also not be Friday, or otherwise just a "let's see what's happening at the next appointment".