Thursday, March 06, 2008

Your eyes do not deceive you

I'm still here. The best they can 'promise' is that they will hospitalize me from tomorrow & fit me in as soon as there's a free room...

In less than 3 hours I will be at 41w6d. As Big Nutbrown Hare said (in Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney), "Oh, that's far. That's very, very far."

Really bad news just in: because of a terrorist attack in Jerusalem, the hospital needs to use all its resources to take care of the victims. They had told us to call this evening to see if there was a chance they could take us & the midwife just told Ohad that now there's no way... (and don't misunderstand me - this is bad news in terms of the victims, their families & Israel. I'll be fine...)


Bea said...

Well I'm hoping the victims aren't too badly hurt for all sorts of reasons - including your pregnancy and birth. Glad everything's still fine, even if it is "very, very far".


Thalia said...

i saw the attack on the news this evening, it sounds awful.

it seems trivial, doesn't it, to say this, but I'm sorry you've ended up waiting again. I hope you get in there soon and that everything goes ok.