Tuesday, April 22, 2008

17 trips to the mailbox...

I didn't actually count, but there were many. Just about every 15 minutes, since we were waiting for the letter... And, finally, it arrived.

Hadas was accepted to IASA - Israel Arts & Science Academy!

I'm so happy for her, but it means that in September, she'll be moving to Jerusalem and I already know how much I'll miss her... and, whereas other kids go home every-other-weekend or so, she will only be coming here half of those weekends, because on the others she'll go to her dad's house... Fortunately, he lives nearby (walking distance), so I'm sure I'll get to see her a little on those weekends too. Right?

I'm sure this is an incredible opportunity for her :-) I can't wait to hear about her experiences there.


Anonymous said...

Way to go!!!!! Congratulations to Hadas and to you!!!

JewishMama said...

Mazel Tov to Hadas!

Dr. Grumbles said...

Congrats to Hadas! I am sure you'll find a way to ease the separation.

Bea said...

Hurrah! Congrats to Hadas.

Bittersweet for you, though.


Thalia said...

congratulations to Hadas, that's very impressive.

I'm sure letting go of your babies is really really tough. You'll get through it!

Anonymous said...

Still catching up on posts!

Mazal tov to Hadas and to you!

And remember, most kids who go to boarding school turn out alright, even if I didn't. :)

And Jerusalem isn't that far away.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Hadas and to you!