Monday, April 14, 2008

Can you tell I'm in love?

He may not be the best person to take shopping, but he already likes to play... He seems to have gotten so big so fast - he's just over 5 weeks old(!)
I'm busy trying to prepare for Passover (which I think should be switched to every-other-year or maybe only leap years?) and am especially thankful that I was smart enough to buy an apartment within walking distance of my parents, allowing me to have all the comforts of home yet still celebrate the Seder with them.
Our boiler (is that what they call them in English?) is short-circuiting the house again. This is at least the 6th time since we moved in less than 3 years ago (probably more). At least we also have solar panels that heat the water - otherwise we'd be showering in cold water (yuck!). In Hebrew we call the boiler a "dood", so the dood dude is coming by tomorrow morning to hopefully fix it...
In other news, Hadas is finishing the last part of the process to be accepted to the high school she wants (wanted?) to go to in Jerusalem tomorrow. It meant spending 3 days and 2 nights in the dorms, taking classes and exams and having social activities. She said it's not at all what she expected and she needs to rethink whether she wants to go there or not. I'm cool with whatever she decides... (though I do think it would be an amazing opportunity for her if she did get in and chose to go there).


Bea said...

Five weeks? He looks about three years old in that photo! (Well, ok... still a little under three, perhaps.)


Sara said...

I agree with Bea. He looks really mature for his age. He's obviously a genius. A very handsome genius.

Good luck with the dood dude!

And good luck to Hadas as she makes this important decision.

Dr. Grumbles said...

He does look mature! He is adorable!

Thalia said...

ooh he's gorgeous! Look at all that hair!

I wish Hadas bravery in her decision making.

Gemini Girl said...

Look how big he is getting!

The whole dood thing pisses me off in israel. If you dont turn it on and flip that switch in the winter, you have no warm water! plus, even if you did- its like for 5 minutes! That is one thing I heavily dislike. Thank GD i am coming in the summertime.

Geohde said...

Very cute looking little man you have there :)

Oh, and thanks for your comment about the pregnancy belt thing, I should probably look into something like that. Along with something to hold my boobs up, my back straight (and non-aching) and stop my ribs from twinging every time I roll over in bed. I think an all over body cast should do it!


Minerva Jane said...

my goodness that's a lot of hair! so adorable.

Sarah said...

oh my gosh - LOVE IT!!!