Monday, May 26, 2008

Blog morph

I've on the verge of a blog morph... Any suggestions as to directions I could take this blog would be greatly appreciated.

For now, I leave you with this clip we made for Ohad's birthday, with Abigail singing "Alligators All Around".

I almost forgot - a HUGE congratulations to Aurelia whose baby was born last night after a very scary birth.


Sarah said...

i LOVE that, thank you so much for sharing it!!! how about you just put all your free time into making a new video to post for us each day ;)

Kristen said...

How cute is she! Thank you for sharing! I second the daily posting of videos for our visual pleasure.

And thank you for updating on Aurelia. I was checking in off and on!


teh4 said...

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Sara said...

That is beyond cute!

Bea said...

The blog question is hard, but love the vid!


Geohde said...

Very cute :)