Sunday, June 08, 2008

Giveaway #2 - a treat

This week's giveaway is Murano earrings, handmade in Peru.

Last summer, Hadas and I imported jewelry and we participated in a fair (selling jewelry) at the end of the summer. We've still got quite a lot of beautiful things.

To participate, leave a comment by Wednesday saying one of the things that made/makes your 2 week wait more tolerable.

Guess what the background is & get a free Murano bracelet too.


Anonymous said...

I don't care if I get the earrings or not, but I thought I'd post to tell you what made my 2 week wait more tolerable, for me at least.

Cleaning. I'm not a neat-freak by any means. My house has always been "comfortably lived in". Yes, my toilets are clean, but my clothes are usually on the floor, and generally my house is messy. Good think DH is tolerant!

But, during the 2 week waits, it was all I could do to find enough mess to clean! When all was clean, I would clean it up again!

Dana said...

Wow...what beautiful earrings!

The only think that makes my 2ww more tolerable is the fertility/pregnancy message boards. Knowing that others share my frustrations makes it a little easier to bear.

Leah Goodman said...

Since I have inexplicable cycles, my wait was never 2 weeks. It was always interminable, and the doctors couldn't get a clue as to what was going on. My LH would surge like I was ovulating and 4 weeks later, no beta and no period.

I had to make all these crazy deals with myself not to use tests every day. there was often sushi involved.

I can't imagine what an actual 2ww would be like, but I almost imagine it'd be a relief as opposed to going 12 weeks between periods and not having a clue about it.

And I think the background is your couch, but it could also be a handbag.

Bea said...

I think I'd better let someone else have a go at the earrings, as I already have a great pair for you. Plus, never did find anything to make the 2ww more tolerable. Love your taste in jewellery, though.


kgiggles321 said...

I'm still in my 2WW and being able to read other's stories have helped me. I'm busy reading the stories during the day when I'm at work...then when I get home I just focus on my 11yr. old and how grateful I am to have him. Then the craziest thing I did was get a tattoo on my foot of a dragonfly to remind me of the little angel I lost last year and quite frankly the pain from that was so bad that I didn't have time to think of symptoms!!! HAHAHAHA My foot has swollen like a baloon so I haven't had time to think of cramping, sore bbs, or anything else. hahahaha I also have a great support group who change the subject constantly on me if I bring it up! LMAO :o)

The background reminds me of a blue leather seat or handbag.

Thalia said...

rachel, I need your email address re flicka's shower, nothing showed up on your comment?

Anonymous said...

I vote that the background is your couch. Made either from leather or naugahyde (now from 100% real nauga).

Keeping busy at work always made the 2ww (or 4ww or 6ww) better. It made failed cycles easier too. One way or the other, staying busy helped.

Unknown said...

Its been 5 days since my IVF,ICSI and assisted hatching. Its been really hard, I have found ways to deal with it by spending time with my friends. I have been getting several text messages from my friends saying that they are praying for a great out come. I had 6 embryo's transferred and I am 42 never thought at my age I would want to have children but it was planted in my heart after I remarried an wonderful Army guy that is facing his third deployment next yr after being in the Army for 4yrs. I just pray that I can give him the gift of his own child before deployment.
Prayer is the best way to get through anything and my friends keep reminding me of that daily as I get text messages and calls from them.