Thursday, June 05, 2008

Or maybe not

No need to vote this week, our winner is Minerva Jane (please send me your address so I can get them out to you).

When I was going for IVF*, I bought myself a present for each cycle - something that I would get to keep even if the cycle failed. Once it was a pocketbook I loved, another time it was a set of sheets... things I didn't really need.

Anyway, from the emails I got, it seems that pregnancy tests aren't the most appealing thing to win, especially since many of my readers don't seem to need them at this time. So... next week it's going to be Murano earrings - handmade in Peru & absolutely beautiful (a picture will appear in the post either tomorrow or on Sunday).

More interesting?


*Matan and Lilach, my IVF-FET twins are turning 12 tomorrow! Happy birthday!!!

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