Friday, July 11, 2008

15 and a half hours and two little boys

Should be fun (I pray). We're leaving tomorrow night for Los Angeles & then I'll be going (with Yirmi) to San Francisco to the BlogHer convention.

Hey, the way home is only 14-1/2 hours...

If you're going to BlogHer, I really want to meet you!

p.s. Feel free to check out my new blog:


JewishMama said...

Have a great time!

Sarah said...

eek, that's a lot of plane time with an infant! enjoy that bonus hour on the ground going home!!

Anonymous said...

It was nice meeting you at definitely beat my London trip by flying in from Israel! I'm glad you gave me your card because my cousin is on her fourth IVF treatment and is just so sad. She's coming to visit me in London this month and hopefully I can try to either totally distract her, or be a good friend and listen well.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel!

I just wanted to say it was so great to meet you at BlogHerCon this year. I was the overly emotional girl who couldn't stop crying in the IF panel.


Lori Lavender Luz said...

Thanks so much for the Nazareth souvenirs. I have them in a special place in my living room. I'm sorry I never thanked you properly.

Thanks so much for attending our panel. I watched the video again, and really appreciated your comment a second time.