Saturday, July 05, 2008

I grew up in a more conventional world

Men having babies? Thomas Beatie is a new father... (or mother? or both?)

Women this age in Oklahoma* are (very) often great-grandmothers...


*I only mention Oklahoma because it's the last place I lived in the US. In my senior year, I sat next to Janet every day in journalism class... Sometime around April, she came in one morning very clearly pregnant. She'd waited until her 18th birthday to tell her parents. (She misunderstood the law about statutory rape.) She had her baby in June or July - that baby would now be almost 23 years old... My guess is that Janet's already a grandmother.


Freebie Mate said...

Yeah i saw that guy who gave birth to a baby, bought back memorys of that movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger!

DrSavta said...

Yes, well, it reminds me of that old commerical that is *sometimes* all too true "it's not nice to fool around with Mother Nature"

Sarah said... i hope those tiny 2 pound twins will be okay. how scary! i don't like to judge, but that one seems awfully selfish to me.