Monday, August 11, 2008

How lame can you get?

CNN published this article which they entitled "How to have a baby when it's not so simple". And then they proceed to give 5 easy (and foolproof) steps that instantly guarantee you'll have the baby of your dreams within 9 months. OK, not exactly.

An OPK? How lame is that? How many women who really have difficulty conceiving does that help? I sell OPKs and I always tell women that if they have regular cycles they should just skip it, unless they want to see the LH surge. I believe they only help when a woman has irregular cycles and is known to ovulate (I was one of these women, so - yes, they do exist). Proving to your doctor that you're trying during the right time of the month? If your doctor doesn't believe you, hey, just pull out some peesticks for proof. Why not?

And one other thing that really got to me - this article looks like it was written when I was first going through infertility nearly 18 years ago. Get with it. Ever heard about this new thing known as "the internet"? What about blogs? Websites? Forums?

Is there any piece of advice* that you'd give someone who's just realizing that it's taking too long?

*I recommend this article: Keeping your marriage together while going through infertility that my mom wrote for FertilityStories when it was still a brand new site. (Thanks again, Mom!)


Leah Goodman said...
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DrSavta said...

All babies are miracles.

It is so true. The miracle of your birth-- how it was not planned (REALLY not planned!!!) but it was just the two of us in a sunny room and you slipped into life with not a whimper.

And years later, witnessing the birth of your first child, a daughter, all I could think of was that some day, G-d willing, she too will become a mother.

Babies, all of them are miracles.

Sarah said...

my advice would be don't wait. my OB kept telling me to just give it time (for 2 years!). i wish i'd known to see an RE after 6 months.

Sarah said...

that IS a really good article!!

Bea said...

I would also say get tested. Information is power! But don't let them push you into treatments (if necessary) faster than you're prepared to go. If you don't need treatments yet, at least your mind will be more at ease and you've got something to go on if it doesn't happen within a timeframe.


Leah Goodman said...

My advice is to try to get treatment for "lack of period without pregnancy" as a medical issue without regard to fertility.

If you have PCOS, it's a medical issue, so it doesn't need to wait for a year of "trying" before getting any treatment. I don't know the precise percentages, but I do know that many women diagnosed with PCOS get pregnant on metformin/glucophage (which isn't a fertility drug at all)