Monday, December 01, 2008

Baby gifts

OK, so I know this is an infertility blog, but in many cases, infertiles become parents and either they or their friends and family need ideas for what to buy them. Here are some things that I've particularly enjoyed:

Makes it possible to go shopping with your baby, without worrying every second if s/he's going to jump out of the shopping cart. Good from when the baby can sit alone.

We have just the bee. What's fun about it is that it keeps calling the baby back to play with it. The music and noises it makes are pleasant, unlike many other electronic toys. Good from about 5 months.

I had this bath for the first time with my 2nd & 3rd children (twins) and it is such a lifesaver - even from birth, you can give the baby a bath alone, since you only need to have one hand holding the baby. Highly recommended, even if you already have a baby bath - this one is good from birth to about 18 months (though my kids refused to give it up until they were well over 2).

Duplo is an amazing baby gift for families who have an older child - it's fun for bigger kids (at least through age 6, I actually still play with it) and it's safe for the little one. This is definitely one of our favorite toys.

What baby items would you recommend?


Jenna said...

Shopping cart covers are awesome, I have been recommending them for years as shower gifts.

My favorite things are mega blocks, weebles and all discovery toys.

Sarah said...

interesting, i have none of these things, except the ball popper next to your bee.

sometimes, depending on the person, you want to give something that is an indulgence, the type of thing a person would long for but hardly ever purchase for themselves and other times you want to give a very utilitarian gift that you know will become essential equipment.

since i had a baby who loved being swaddled, my large size swaddle designs blanket might have been my most useful gift for the first six months and since it's also a little more luxurious than the run-of-the-mill swaddler it also somewhat fits the first category.