Tuesday, February 24, 2009

High LH level

I got this letter today (edited slightly) and was wondering if anyone has had this experience or has any suggestions:

I am asking a question for my best friend as I really hope she can have a healthy baby soon.

She is 32 years old now and has been trying with her husband for more than 3 years, but has never gotten pregnant. Both she and her husband have been tested
thoroughly but no problem has been found.

They are trying to do in vitro fertilisation but she has raised LH every time even the doctor gave her the drug to lower the LH level. (She said the normal level is 3 but hers is 5.1) Her doctor couldn't tell her why her LH level wasn't effected by the drug, and of course couldn't tell her what might happen if she tries another cycle.

She is very desperate now.........could you please give me some advice?


Sarah said...

that's wacky, with no experience in that at all my only advice would be if your doctor can't answer your questions, consider a second opinion?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Sarah. Time for a second opinion. I always thought LH was needed to achieve pregnancy... but maybe I'm mixing up the hormones...

Bea said...

It's LH, not FSH?

Or maybe it's LH, and the drug was lupron or synarel or similar. In which case, what I know is that raised LH is often associated with PCOS, but don't stress about it too much because sometimes high LH cycles can result in a perfectly healthy conception.

From what I know, doctors mainly worry about premature surges from the point of view of having to cancel the cycle because you already ovulated, and there is some background worry that it may affect success rates, but nobody's sure about that one. I do know my FS never worried about it as long as you weren't ovulating, and a fellow IVFer had a beautiful baby from a cycle with really quite high LH.

But fundamentally I agree with the above - if in doubt, get a second opinion. With the addition that sometimes once these things get passed through a few ears the message can come out a bit funny at the other end, so perhaps the doc is actually on top of it after all.


Anonymous said...

my spouse and i won't conceive a child although we desparately want one. i want, we want. what we want is not the most important thing. most important is what the child wants. not consulting one most affected [child] seems wrong. child may later feel "I would have preferred non-existence. There, I would've remained safe from harm." harm would be our fault. If we had't conceived , it wouldn'tve occurred. others' thoughts?