Monday, March 30, 2009

Downright scary

This article by Gregory Sullivan nearly made me vomit. There are just so many things wrong with it... and I really hope he's wrong about what the law (which I was very much against before reading this) really means.

And, even if he thinks PGD could be abused (it's possible that it can be) does he really think that's reason enough to do away with it?


Leah Goodman said...

some people are really crazy.

Bea said...

I think there's too little regulation in the US, to be honest. Trouble is, this is what's filling the void. Where's the sane middle ground? Other jurisdictions have managed something which is, at least, workable and broadly acceptable (if not perfect - there will always be dilemmas).

I think some of the people who are scared of regulation because they worry any sort of regulation will curtail too many "rights" need to become a little proactive on the issue, before Georgia spreads.