Thursday, June 11, 2009

My twins turned 13!

And 13 means that Matan became a Bar Mitzvah today. We still haven't decided when we'll celebrate his Bar Mitzvah (long story, not for a blog) but his father took him to the Kotel today, where Matan read from the Torah (thanks to my father, who taught him) and then they went on a tour and out for breakfast (brunch?).

Apparently we were sort of, kind of invited, but for many reasons decided not to go. My ex actually called my parents to invite them and they did go - and took pictures.

My 3 older kids (left to right - Matan, Lilach, Hadas)

Matan putting on tefillin.

Matan carrying the Sefer Torah, with my dad behind him.

Matan reading from the Torah.

Congratulations, Matan!!!


Thalia said...

Mazel Tov Matan!

docgrumbles said...