Friday, June 19, 2009

Something to do during the 2ww...

Comments are constantly coming in to an old post about the two week wait, reminding me just how awful it really is and how welcome distractions are. Here are two I recommend...

I love gadgets... and even more than I like buying them, I like window shopping, which, these days, means browsing the web.

Ever since my brother introduced me to Deal Extreme, I go there every few days to see what's new (they actually have an RSS feed specifically for this purpose). Today I saw this Sound and Music Activated Spectrum VU Meter EL Visualizer T-shirt:

It's a shirt that has an "EL panel with a Spectrum VU Meter" - meaning the LEDs in the middle of the shirt respond to sound like a graphic equalizer. I read reviews on another site and it seems like people really like it. A really nice thing about DX is that they offer free shipping anywhere in the world. Yup. Free worldwide shipping! I've ordered from them twice now and aside from one order being split in two (one sent immediately, the other a few weeks later), I've been really happy with them. Any item that you buy more than 3 of, check for the bulk discount (it's significant).

Another site with free international shipping (or what they call "free delivery worldwide") that I've heard is really worthwhile (especially if you're out of the US) is Book Depository. They have a feature on their homepage that lets you "watch people shop" - as people buy books, the name of the book and the country are displayed on the map. Cute gimmick :-) I love watching this.

How do you/did you distract yourself during the two week wait? What are your favorite shopping sites?

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