Thursday, August 06, 2009

More Key & Lock info

I'm discovering that there's a nice community of infertility twitterers. I'm planning to create a directory (sign up in the comments of this post), but so far there haven't been too many sign-ups (1, if I recall correctly). So... I was going through Machon Puah's tweets and found a better article than the one I recently posted - The secret life of sperm is unlocked.

I'm still skeptical of people's willingness to accept results of such a test, if and when it finally exists.

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Anonymous said...

This is really interesting stuff. On a more socialogical basis, I've always cringed when RE's pull out that old "poor egg quality" "diagnosis" after a number of failed treatments. Yeah, there is such a thing as poor egg quality, but sometimes I'm reading stories and it sounds like such a line. They can't explain why the dice haven't rolled the right way so they fall back on that old "blame the woman" story that's been around since the dawn of time. So it's nice to see yet more evidence evening out the sexes when it comes to infertility, and hopefully it won't be "a woman's problem" for all time.

Anyway. From a more scientific perspective. I think if they can prove it pretty conclusively then people will accept. There will be a lot of people wanting second or third or fourth opinions plus one from doc google before walking away without trying, though (and rightly so) so it would have to be convincing enough for these people to be getting the same message over and over again through all channels. They've really got their work cut out on that one, and it's going to take years to convince all the skeptics. And rightly so.

It would be great if they could tell you how it ends, though, with certainty. Heartbreaking if you're one who'll never have success, but better than having to find that out through years of false hope. Being able to id those cases is as important as finding out how better to help those couples who can be helped.