Sunday, November 15, 2009

Free IVF Cycle & Book Giveaway

It turns out that there are clinics that give away free IVF cycles. Apparently HRC Fertility offered 20 such cycles - each couple had to write an essay of up to 500 words, stating their reasons for wanting to have a child.

Here's one of the stories of a couple who won a free cycle -

Want to read more stories? Sign up below for a chance to win a copy of Making Babies: Personal IVF Stories by Theresa Miller. Ms. Miller interviewed people involved in 14 stories of IVF on their way to try to become parents (some were successful, some not). One of the stories discussed "sensing" an unborn baby's thoughts and wishes, which I couldn't get in touch with. Another discussed the decision to stop treatment - an important topic I believe far too few people have written about. Overall, the book was interesting and provided plenty of opportunities to shed tears (mostly joyous ones). Leave a comment below by November 26 for your chance to win it! Tweet this post for another chance (and let me know in the comment that you have).

Coming up soon on FertilityStories Blog:
  • A giveaway for a shopping cart cover from CNS
  • An excerpt from The Stewart Institute's book, "Do You Love Someone Who is Infertile?" - a guide for a spouse, sibling, parent or friend. (They actually sent me a copy it looks fabulous!)


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InfertileNaomi said...

Great story!

nibsey said...

thanks for your great website, i always enjoy reading it.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately HRC didn't screen the couples that the free IVF was given to. One of the couples from San Clemente who "won" was on birth control for 3 years before hearing about the contest. She wanted to have twins so she entered the contest using the "I'm a poor military wife" story. It's really too bad that they took an opportunity from a couple who really had infertility problems.