Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The arrangement

So, a few posts back I wrote about someone I know of* (I don't actually know her, I'm in close touch with a member of her family) who has chosen to try to conceive using the sperm of one partner of a homosexual couple. They've now tried a natural (unmedicated) IUI cycle and a medicated IUI which were both unsuccessful. Currently the third cycle is underway (also medicated).

It is interesting to hear about the relationship developing between the two families, in preparation for the future child... some members of the extended families have met and the future mother and fathers(?) have actually decided to buy apartments in the same building, so that they will be close to each other. In many ways, their commitment to each other seems even more solid than a marriage - and she never has to worry about him leaving his smelly socks on the floor, while he never has to worry about her spending too much money on make-up... And, perhaps as a single mom, it's really very responsible to think of what will happen to the child should something ever happen to her.

I guess the next step is to actually get pregnant. I'll keep you posted.

*She knows (and doesn't mind that) I am writing about her.

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