Thursday, February 25, 2010

Egg donation in Israel

It's currently practically impossible to receive an egg donation in Israel. The only women who are allowed to donate are those who are undergoing infertility treatment - exactly the women who need those eggs most. Having been one of those women whose doctor approached her with a form to sign while I was still half under anesthesia, I can tell you how desperate they are for donations (enough to completely con people, seriously). Like in the example of Prof. Zion Ben-Raphael who was convicted of overstimulating women's ovaries in order to produce excess eggs and then steal them from him. (See Jpost article, which also includes details of the new bill)

So this is a real breakthrough for Israel - one that would allow women to donate eggs whether or not they were going through fertility treatments AND to receive some kind of compensation for it.

I hope that this will allow more women who need egg donations to get them and will reduce the pressure on women who don't want to give theirs up.


baby2mom Egg Donation and Surrogacy Agency said...

The legislation regarding egg donation seems to be be changing internationally.

In South Africa, woman are recruited to donate their eggs and offered a small donation for their efforts and inconvenieces. Egg donors undergo the process with full understanding and consent and always donate their eggs to people with full consent.

Sara said...

That's great news. Thanks for sharing.

Bea said...

Surrogacy laws are also apparently changing here. It seems like a lot of places are getting to the point where this stuff has been around a while and a few models have been tested and now we are started to reach a consensus as to the best ways to deal with it. Wide discrepancies and laws out of line with public morals don't tend to work out well. As your personal story attests!