Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Book meme


Rules: Answer the questions below & tag some of your friends.
  • Last book you read
    I honestly don't remember

  • Book you read the most times
    I usually read things only once (except for books that I read to the kids)

  • Author whose books you read the most of
    I read a lot of William Goldman

  • Book you would never give away or lend
    I don't think I have any such books

  • A book you remember getting as a gift & from who
    My aunt Vicki bought a lot of books (and Dover coloring books) for me. I still have all of them.

  • A book you enjoy reading out loud
    My friend is sad, The little engine that could, many others...

  • A book you remember from your childhood
    It happened one day (I recently swiped it from my parents' house so I could read it to my kids)

  • A book you used to like & now think is outdated
    Curious George, Stuart Little

  • How often do you read a book?
    Not nearly often enough.

  • Do you finish most of the books you start?
    Yes. Most. Some I just can't get through.

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