Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Using Donated Sperm and Egg vs. Adoption

I received the following letter as a comment to a post - and I think the topic definitely warrants a discussion. Please share any thoughts you may have.

Dear all, I have azoospermia and my wife has ovarian failure. I am considering using a sperm bank + egg donor and my wife would carry the baby for 9 months. We plan to tell the child, since an early age, that he/she is adopted - the details would be gradually revealed. I plan to pick a sperm donor with adult photos available, as well as ID OPTION (OPEN) - when offspring reaches 18 yo the identification details might be released upon request (of the child). Egg donors info (including adult photos) are pretty much available at the agencies, very different from sperm banks... there are even albuns with many high resolution pics...! My wife thinks it would be easier to go for adoption but the thing is that it usually takes so long for an adoption process to be complete (up to many years). Please, I would appreciate comments and/or insights on this situation. Tks a lot.