Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Moving on to IVF

Not me. I'm done :-) I'm referring to the woman who I've been telling you about - I'll call her Dee. Quick recap: Dee's turning 40 in the next few months and has decided to go ahead and have a baby with a homosexual couple. They've had 4 failed IUIs so far and are on their first IVF cycle.

Dee's mom describes her and the baby's father as 'best friends' or even soulmates... They spend a lot of time together, hang out together and are even going on a trip together sometime this summer.

I wonder what will happen if she isn't successful. Will they stay in touch? Will he look for someone else to be the mother of his baby? And what happens if she is - do babies necessarily bring conflict with them? Or is there a certain age a baby reaches that increases the conflict (when you have to make important decisions)? Or perhaps if two people really respect each other they can work things out... I wonder if it is easier or more difficult than being married to each other...

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