Monday, July 05, 2010

First beta - 500

At 14dpt. Taking bets as to whether it's twins or not...

After the first transfer, Dee and Jon (the future father)* took a vacation together and Dee's made sure to keep Jon in the loop. In fact, today, when they got the results, he came to pick her up from work to celebrate.

The parents & grandmom-to-be are ecstatic!

*For anyone who hasn't been following, Dee is single and decided that she wanted to have a child who would have a father in its life, so she got together with a homosexual couple (who's since separated) and they plan to co-parent. They've even bought apartments in the same building to make things easier.


Bea said...

Wow - that is a good beta! I'm not taking bets on twins, though - references ranges are too wide at the best of times. In with a chance, certainly!


Rachel Inbar said...

I had 599 with M&L on the same day post transfer, although her embryos were frozen later than mine, I think - mine were frozen at 3 days and hers may have been 5. Then again, I actually saw 3 sacs in the beginning... I'm at the 50/50 point, not really able to decide what I think (and I certainly wouldn't say anything to her :-))

Leah Goodman said...

awesomeness! I just hope the whole process goes well for everyone!