Saturday, July 10, 2010

Second beta 2500

Three days later. It's looking good :-)

Dee's ultrasound is scheduled for Thursday - they're hoping to see that everything is OK... and kind of hoping for twins.

In other news, I've recently heard about IMSI - Intracytoplasmic Morphologically-Selected Sperm Injection and I'm wondering what the big difference between that and ICSI is - I mean, is it that with ICSI the tech just looks at the sperm cells and decides which ones look best and with IMSI that they check under a microscope? If anyone has any information or insight to share, please do :-)


Bea said...

Good luck to Dee.

As for IMSI - I think I know about as much as you do. They... select... the sperm. Somehow. And then they ICSI them. Enlightened?


punch said...

oh and congrats on the beta!

punch said...

that's exactly what it is. unfortunately with gametes and embryos, looks aren't everything. you certainly can't see developmental potential, DNA irregularities, or just plain "duds" by visual inspection.

some of the 'ugliest' eggs, sperm, and embryos make the most beautiful babies in my experience. and perfectly 'normal' looking ones fail miserably.

what's really needed is something more than selection based on morphological factors. lots of groups are working on just that.