Thursday, March 17, 2011


Dee's baby finally came home this week, healthy and doing great! He's still tiny, under 6 pounds, but gaining well.

I read a sweet article (Hebrew) yesterday about a woman whose son was killed when he was 22. At 47, she decided she was going to have another baby. She had 6 or 7 failed IVF attempts and finally gave birth to a son on her 49th birthday(!). The couple has 2 more children aged 24 and 20 (the baby is now 2) and she said that she took into account that if something ever happens to her the baby won't be alone in the world. The older kids, according to the article, have a close bond with the baby and the whole family feels like having the baby in their family has made life more worthwhile. Interestingly, the mother also mentions the things she's missing out on (comparing herself to her friends who are traveling, for example) and that it's more difficult to run after a toddler at 51... I felt the article represented well what motherhood at a later age is like.

Tonight on Israel TV (Channel 2, one of the two we get), they're showing one couple's story of infertility - from the promo, I understood that, as a last resort, they hired a surrogate mother in India. She became pregnant with their twins and just weeks later, the mother discovered that she was pregnant too. Two months ago, the surrogate mother gave birth to two boys and last week, the mom gave birth to another boy. Although the story fills me with joy, I can't imagine having to mother 3 small babies all at once :-) - I found an article about it here (Hebrew). If you wait after the 1st commercial, you can see the parents talking about the situation and their fears (Hebrew).

In other, infertility unrelated, news, I sat on or too near a cat (a stray who adopted our home as hers) on Saturday and she both bit and scratched me. Apparently I'm having a bad side effects from the tetanus shot, since I've been sick ALL week (fever, chills, runny nose, muscle pain, sore throat, etc.) - either from that or from the antibiotics I'm taking...

I finished the last course of my degree and am now just 2 seminar papers away from getting it. Not easy to find the time to work on it.

I have gotten back in touch with my best friend from my childhood (from about age 8 to 14). She and I have led radically (and believe me, if anything, this is an understatement) different lives and she is now writing a book about her life. I get the new material every day in my email and I can't wait for it to be published. It is truly incredible that she's still alive (she says so herself).

Lastly, Hadas (my oldest daughter) got her driver's license, donated blood and even got herself an organ donor card. She's constantly having interviews for next year, when she starts her army service. I am definitely enjoying this age (17). Maybe the fact that she lives away from home (she goes to a boarding school) & we have almost no conflict helps...

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