Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rare news - frozen embryo transfer after death and donating a uterus

I've read two very interesting articles in the past two days.

In one, Keren Ayish, was battling infertility when it was discovered that she had a brain tumor. She successfully beat the cancer and then continued fertility treatments. Four years later, the cancer returned and spread. Keren had a miscarriage at 13 weeks and eventually died of cancer.

Before she died, she begged her husband to have their two frozen embryos transferred to a surrogate mother so that she could have a child after she died (article in Hebrew). After a 6-month battle with Israeli bureaucracy, finally her husband was able to get permission to take their remaining frozen embryos to be transferred to a surrogate mother in the United States. She became pregnant and gave birth to a boy last week. The baby will be named with the name chosen by the parents before the mother died.

In the other news story, Eva Ottosson, a 56-year-old mother from Nottingham is donating her uterus to her daughter, Sarah, who due to a condition called Mayer Rokitanksy Kuster Hauser (MRKH), was born with no womb (watch the clip here). I wish them a lot of luck and a successful pregnancy and birth!!!


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Kathryn said...

I read about the lady who was donating her womb to her daughter and ended up having a really interesting chat with my daughters (18, 20 and 21). I said that if any of them ever needed any 'help' having a baby, I'd be there offering anything I could. To be honest I think any mother would do the same though.

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Brittany said...

Wow, donating her uterus! It is amazing what they can do these days.

polycystic ovarian syndrome said...

Both the stories are great and donating a uterus is a great work and very helpful for those womens who are not able to get pregnent or fertility problem. Both the womens are doing a great work. Thanks for sharing these great stories.