Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A baby after cervical cancer

Dina Sela-Bracha and her husband became parents to little baby Keren last week (see article in Hebrew).

A few years a go, Dina had heavier than normal bleeding and discovered she had cervical cancer. The first medical center she went to, recommended a complete hysterectomy, including both ovaries. She decided to get a second opinion.

She ended up with her uterus and ovaries intact, but with a 1cm long cervix - not long enough to hold a pregnancy. When she found out she was pregnant, it became clear that she would need a special type of cerclage, which required her to fly from Israel to the US for the surgery.

According to the article, she was on bed rest from 36 weeks and then had a planned c-section. This is only the third case in Israel in which a woman carries a pregnancy successfully following recovery from cervical cancer.

Congratulations to the Sela-Bracha family!!!


Rona Michelson said...

How wonderful!!!

Bea said...

Amazing stories! Congrats to the family.


generic pharmacy said...

Well, that is good news after having this cancer and then dare to have a baby,, God bless you.